I’m Back ! – Step 1 / Level 1 Exam Complete.

This is where I’ve been the past 8 weeks studying for a cumulative 17-hour examination! I decided to study at my parent’s home in Rhode Island so that my study breaks would include chatting with family, eating home-cooked meals and having a nonjudgemental shoulder to lean on when my emotions ran wild. ⁣ ⁣ The […]

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Why aren’t there more Black Doctors? Racism, Classism, or Apathy?

African American black doctors black doctor delta flight

I wrote and published the original article on Medium.com,  but it has been adapted to be published here as well.  Research says that children start to contemplate their future career aspirations around third grade. So if you have not seen an African-American physician by the third grade or even by the time you leave elementary […]

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