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In this video, I share 5 Free Resources for you to Master the MCAT. Additionally, I have created a 12- week / 3 month MCAT study schedule incorporating these resources. Please see here.

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7 Guaranteed Tips to Excel in Third Year Clinical Rotations 

Starting clinical rotations can be both exciting and a little scary, but I got you covered ! 1. Go Shopping  You will need business casual attire as well as scrubs. Here’s a great Youtube video guide for business casual women’s attire for clinical rotations. For male medical students professional attire is advised and this guide may be helpful. […]

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You’re not a savage, you’re an adult with an immature defense mechanism. 

While the latest Tik Tok dance craze #savagechallenge took the internet by storm, misguided people continued to roam the world in their savagery. Megan Thee Stallion, the Houston based rapper known for her lyrical skills and unapologetic sexualized content, served to popularize being a savage amongst Generation Z. Millennials had already coined such term while […]

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