About Me


“The Compassionate Cosmopolitan, shaking tables and unlocking doors”

Who is Madame Winnell?

As a former Dental Hygienist, I realized that I wanted to continue providing patients an evidenced-based, personalized approach that was beyond the scope of the oral cavity. With that said, I embarked upon a career change and I am now a fourth-year medical student living in New York City. The road to medical school wasn’t easy.  I’ve had major setbacks due to lack of guidance and not having the “blueprint”.  Fortunately, with prayer, perseverance, and Google, I was able to navigate to my dream career. Medical School can be an uphill battle at times, but I’ve discovered ways to study smarter and not harder while being able to enjoy the things that keep me grounded. I hope to share with you the life lessons I’ve learned and incorporated to help me transition into a career in medicine, succeed as a student and most importantly grow as a person.

Winnell is my middle name, a combination of my parents’ name, Winston and Nellie. I am the product of parents, hailing from Liberia, the country in West Africa, whose Civil War in 1989 led them to the US for a new beginning. This resilience and commitment to always strive for a better situation have been inbred in my character.

Madame is an homage to my love of French culture. I chose Madame as an ode to eliminating social constructs.  I learned that French women were required to indicate their marital status by means of a title. Feminist groups campaigned to replace the Mademoiselle (unmarried virgin woman title) to Madame just as both married and unmarried men are singly titled “Monsieur.” Words are powerful. Words are reminders of the systemic inner workings of society that still try to silence and diminish the power and respect of the woman.

Many times, my mood is Carrie Bradshaw and more often than not, Beyoncé.  Many times I feel like Meredith Grey and then many times Jenny from the Block. I love Glam, Fashion, and Fine dining. I also love stethoscopes, research literature and saving lives. Having interests in things on two sides of a made up spectrum is not a deterrent to your success if you know how to balance those two sides. I want to encourage people to always keep in line with your goals but never lose sight of self. 

Welcome to the world of Madame Winnell! Click around to learn more about me, my blog, and be sure to check out my YouTube channel!

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