7 Ways to Make Money Blogging

by winnell

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Blogging has become a new profession allowing people to make a living while showcasing their talent and passion to the world. There’s so much to learn from veteran bloggers who have created free guides explaining how they’ve scaled their six and seven figure income simply from blogging.

Recent blogging statistics presented interesting blogging facts and trends to make note of.

Here are some of the most beneficial stats related to the blogging world:

  • The best blogging platform and site for blogging is WordPress
  • The total number of projected bloggers in the USA is 31.7 million
  • WordPress is most common among beginners and as well among established bloggers that is why 39% of the content is built on WordPress
  • Around 7 million blog posts are published each day
  • 67% of successful bloggers post each day
  • 97% of bloggers rely on social media to enhance their results
  • 45% of bloggers get the best results by adding audio content to the blog posts
  • Video content enhances more organic traffic on the blog post

It is always advisable to start your blogging journey with the facts rather than false gimmicks played on social media who portray blogging as a get rich quick method. I’ve learned so much from this online course teaching step by step guidance on making money while blogging.

Your hard work, dedication, and unique thought process is key to gain success in the blogging world.

Before you start the process, make sure to check out “How to start a blog on WordPress using WP engine in 15 minutes”. This will help you in starting a hassle-free journey to the blogging world.

Let’s pave your path of earning money online using one of the leading social media platform- WordPress.

  1. Optimize WordPress Ads and Monetize your blog post

Create your own blog post and start generating passive income. You have various options like affiliate marketing, sponsored reviews, selling ads, and filling websites, etc to monetize your blog which doesn’t require additional effort and investment from your side. You just have to fully optimize every possible advantage from these options.

Many products and services online have affiliate programs that you can join; Examples of these are Amazon Associate and ShareASale. To learn more about making thousands of dollars in affiliate marketing, check out this step by step course.

Another option is selling ads on your website. You can create your own ad package or use a third party company to sell ads. You can also sign up for a Google Adsense account and allow Google’s  to manage ads on your website.

Additionally, you can create sponsored blog posts. The idea behind these types of posts is very clear and simple. A blogger with can use their unique style and branding to discuss a product and influence their target audience.

Note: be sure to work under the stipulated work agreement under the guidelines of FTC’s Endorsement Guidelines.


  1. Optimize Various Online Platforms to Sell Digital Products

Create and monetize your own digital products like eBooks and online courses. Of the two options, online courses tend to generate more revenue. There are two ways of actually monetizing your digital products.

One way is using a third-party e-learning site like Teachable or Udemy to upload your courses for a set price. Although these sites keep  a portion of the profit, optimal pricing will benefit you from day one.

On the other hand, you can own your WordPress website and become the host of your courses. You can set your prices have full creative control of the platform. Additionally, you can take advantage of the various free and paid plugins to create your online courses using WordPress.

  1. Optimize Dropshipping and eCommerce

WordPress makes the online business industry super easy to navigate. Unlike a physical store, the upkeep of an eCommerce site is more feasible and reliable. WordPress plugins like WooCommerce, BigCommerce, and MemberPress, etc are the most popular platforms. Many of the features include physical sales, digital goods, inventory tracking, user friendly payment systems and shipping options to enrich the online shopping experience.

Dropshipping is another option to help you to earn money while off-loading the burden of shipping. This platform allows you to sell your products directly to your customer while a third party makes the delivery.

  1. Optimize a Paid Membership Website

Paid membership websites allow for creating content for members only while fostering a community space encouraging public forums and discourse. 

While using the WordPress membership plugins, you can create a membership site that allows user to login. With their login, users would gain access in-depth blog posts, videos, audios, and courses you can create a member-only area on your public blog. Loyal readers and social media followers would be more than happy to pay for this exclusive content of yours.

  1. Start a Directory Website

Another way to earn money is to create a listing or directory website and begin charging advertisers for listing their products on your website.

The most common directory ideas are paid business directory, job boards, and event calendars with paid submissions. In a business directory, you focus on different industries like dentists, lawyers, teachers, and plumbers, etc according to the geographical area.

The second option is to create a successful job board and this can only be made with a specific niche. Be concise with your niche and work towards user convenience.

Lastly, create an event calendar where advertisers pay you to advertise their important events. The sole idea behind this is to maximize your audience. More website visitors translate to maximizing the price you charge advertisers.

  1. Offer Consulting Services 

You might not be aware of how far a blogger career can take you as far as transforming lives. the possible potential of a blogger profession. Bloggers who have carved a path in a particular niche usually become experts in their experiences that may be helpful to others. If you can find a way to offer your valuable advice as a service, your readers will be happy to become a client of your consultation services.

You can also establish yourself as a coach. Coaches  helps users to improve their lives and achieve realistic goals. Many people are familiar with life coaching, but you can be a coach of accountability, mindset, weight loss and so much more.


  1. Add a Donation Button on Your Website

When readers are provided with value in your blog posts, they are more likely to support your mission to produce more content. Mainintaing a successful blog requires, money, time and creativity and monetary donations will help your continued growth as a creator.  To facilitate this, you can add a Stripe or Paypal donate button to your website and begin accepting donations from users.

Final Thoughts

If you truly love sharing your passion, maximizing your creativity and engaging with others, blogging is the perfect combination. While many use blogging as a part time hobby, it can also require a full-time commitment to allow you to reach a point of financial sustainability. It is in your best interest to enhancing your skills,  narrow your niche and become a part of the social media community by understanding the latest trends and user requirements.

Start your journey to become a successful blogger by optimizing the above-mentioned options. Choice wisely and start making money out of it.

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