Behind the Stethoscope: What Nobody Tells You About Clinicals

by winnell

Everyone loves to share the glitz and glamour of the sthetothoscope donning medical student but rarely do we talk about the dark side of being in clinicals. During my clinical rotations this past February, I started feeling depressed after a few not so pleasant interactions that started to kill my spirit.⁣

I felt defeated and triggered by senseless targeting and belittling. The worst part is that you have to suck it up for the sake of your grades but that doesn’t mean that it’s okay. ⁣

At the time, I was also anxious about whether I passed my clinical board exam and had to wait two very long months (I passed fyi ☺️). ⁣

I knew something was wrong when I lost interest in blogging, was binge eating and had difficultly concentrating on important things. ⁣

I eventually got over that hump in a few months and here’s a few things that helped:

🔺I recognized that I was feeling depressed, acknowledged my feelings and I let myself go through the motions. ⁣

🔺I prayed about it and cried it out. ⁣

🔺I gave my self credit for the things I accomplished and I can control like how I react and preserve my peace. ⁣

🔺I hesitantly went on a cruise for my friends birthday because I knew I needed some uplift and I got exactly that.

🔺I refueled my passion by remembering why I wanted to do medicine in the first place. I remembered the underserved patients, and the women, especially Black women whose health care needs are often overlooked. I remembered how much I want to answer all of the unsolved medical mysteries as a doctor. ⁣

🔺Reminding myself of why I started was resistance to the bad vibes that we’re trying to interfere with my mojo. ⁣
🔺And because of that I’m here today standing in all of my fight and might and reminding y’all not to let anyone steal your joy !!!!⁣

You belong here and I’m claiming success, prosperity, and major wins that you will go exactly where you want and need to be.

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