How to Stay Healthy, Focused and Motivated This Spring

by winnell

Spring is upon us ! Daylight savings time is always there to save the day.

Through the cold and darkness of winter, many of us had trouble finding our focus, and staying motivated. Additionally, some of us even experienced bouts of seasonal depression or depressive moods during the winter months. No wonder why Springtime has been associated with so many health benefits.

Some of these health benefits include the following:

Extra daylight


Due to springing forward for daylight savings time, you will get that extra hour of sleep while also brightening up your day upon awakening. You’ll find that having extra light can naturally boost your mood intensify your productivity.

Springtime Produce

Spring is the best time to get amazing heaps of fresh vegetables and fruits to add to your diet. Fruits provide so much fiber which is great for digestion as well as immune boosting vitamins you fight disease, especially during this pandemic.

Outdoor Exercise

Outdoor Exercise

Now that the weather will be warmer, you’ll have many opportunities to exercise outdoors. Whether it’s jogging through the park, playing tennis or biking on a bike path, you’ll have so many reasons to stay active.  In turn, your body will teww are with dropping those quarantine pounds and preparing your beach body!

Tips for Staying Focused and Motivated

Now that you’ve been introduced to these health benefits, let’s chat about more ways to stay focused and increase your motivation.

Firstly, remember, we’ve been living through a pandemic and this not a productivity contest. ⁣

As deadlines continue to be pushed and blurred, it’s hard to maintain focus when your future is seemingly uncertain. ⁣

I learned to give myself a pat on the back for progressing, even if slowly and you should too!!

Here are three ways to stay focused and motivated for the task at hand.

Chose a Single Productivity Activity

Chose one and only one productive thing you will do each morning no matter what. Workout, read, pray, meditate, stretch, write one paragraph of your essay or blog etc. ⁣

⁣Pomodoro Technique

Use the Pomodoro technique with 4 cycles of 20 minutes on and 5 minute break using the app. ⁣You can download the app Focused Timer on your smart phone and customize your time as well.

Positive Affirmations

Tell yourself atleast one good thing you did well or about yourself each day.  Positive affirmations include : “I am worthy of health, wealth and love”, my imperfections make me special”, “This morning I am grateful for another day to pursue my goals and I plan to succeed at my pace with the ultimate joy”. Feel free to make adjustments and customize your own affirmations.

Bring on the motivation and productivity this Spring !

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