30 ways turning 30 has changed me for the better

by winnell

I celebrated my 30th birthday in quarantine. This was pretty epic as it was my first birthday celebration not spent inside of a restaurant or on vacation due to the social distancing orders mandated during the covid-19 pandemic. Despite the circumstances, my celebration was well spent. Below are 30 self reflections since turning 30:

1. I’ve found my voice.

It is a pleasure to  advocate for injustices in and outside of medicine #blacklivesmatter. 

2. I’ve found my calling and dream career

I made the decision to switch from a career and dentistry to medicine and it has been the best decision ever. 

3. I’ve found my peace

I finally learned how to ease my mind by controlling the external forces that contribute to anxiety. 

4. I’ve found my tribe

I happen to be in the best company of friends turned family who support me no matter what. 

5. I’ve found restored my faith

I conquered my greatest struggles with faith.

6. I’ve created boundaries

I have learned to say no and it is so empowering. 

7. I’ve created a mentorship platform

In my mission to diversify medicine, I virtually mentor thousands of aspiring medical students.

8. I’ve created an outlet

My blog, Instagram, and Youtube allows me to express myself in my truest form.

9. I’ve decided to be proactive rather than reactive

I am no longer giving energy to negativity made to disturb my peace.

10. I’ve decided to not to operate out of fear

I plan to seize each opportunity while challenging myself to try new things. 

11. I’ve decided to not entertain things or people that do not serve me

Letting go is the best form of self care. 

12. I value physical activity more

A body in motion stays in motion.

13. I value actions over words

Show me better than you can tell me. 

14. I value experiences over material possessions

I’d rather travel, visit a museum or try a new restaurant than splurge on designer items. 

15. I’ve figured out my love language

I know how I receive love and how to communicate my needs. 

16. I’ve figured out how to negotiate in every aspect of life

Never accept the first offer presented to you. Know your worth, then add tax.

17. I’ve figured out how to study smarter NOT harder

Becoming a doctor is a forever learning journey. I’ll be a student scholar of medicine for my entire career and I LOVE that. 

18. I pray a lot more

I knew I was growing when prayer became the best part of my day.

19. I dance more than ever

Dancing is therapeutic and makes me feel like Beyoncè LOL.

20. I eat more consciously 

I still love brownies but I value incorporating plant based nutrition (aka drinking Green Smoothies out of wine glasses). 

21. I reach out to people more 

Life is short and checking in on my loved ones brings me peace.

22. I shop for clothes less

Learning to save is the ultimate sign financial maturity.

23. I sleep earlier

I started the #morningpersonchallenge last year and I feel so adult.

24. I cry if I want to

There is strength in your tears so let it out!

25. I prioritize my mental health

If at any time I feel overwhelmed with panic or distress, I will gladly remove myself. 

26. I listen before I speak

When I started listening, I started hearing and respecting one’s perspective. 

27. I manifest my destiny quite often

I have a vision board on my wall that I have the pleasure of seeing everyday and I’ve already crossed off many goals.

28. I give myself credit

Daily self affirmations get me through the day.

29. I give it all to God


30. I give God the Glory to be another year wiser

Hallelujah !!!!

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