The quarantine memes are comforting, but it’s okay to cry too.

by winnell

I’m with you.

You are not alone in your feelings.

Just remember, it’s a pandemic, not a productivity contest.

These five tips below will help optimize your sanity and stress relief as our future remains uncertain.

1. Accept Your Feelings

It is totally understandable that you are feeling extremely overwhelmed. It is important that you acknowledge this fact.  The first step is admitting you are struggling to grapple with our new reality, which seems at times like a fictional apocalyptic movie. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to a personal or professional outlet to confide in.

2. One Start-Up Task A Day

Choose one task a day that you will commit to doing at least once a day, every day before starting your obligated duties. The task can be minimal or maximal, but you should complete it no matter what. This can be praying, meditating, exercising, dancing or even watching your favorite show.  Completing this task will allow you to accomplish at least one thing for the day that made you feel really good. 

3. Divy Up Your Tasks

The routine tasks we were used to, have now become cumbersome in a matter of weeks. You may have been efficient at reading or working, but nowadays it seems like the biggest chore. I recommend breaking up your tasks into blocks of time. For example, if your job requires you to make 50 calls day, do 5 calls at once and take a break. Split your day into 10 to complete the calls. The same method applies for reading. If you usually read 100 pages a day, scale it down to 5-10 pages and build up gradually. Another way to increase productivity into segments is using the Pomodoro timer technique which can be access through any app store.

4. Positive Affirmations

Give yourself some credit. Tell yourself at-least one good thing about yourself each day. God has allowed you to wake up to see another day and with this blessing,  you’re able to get out of your bed and do something, even if it appears minimal. If you were able to study for five minutes give yourself some credit. If you were able to complete your eight hour workday from home, give yourself some credit. If you were able to get out of your bed, make yourself breakfast, coffee and functionally keep yourself awake and entertained, you’ve done a lot.  Keep in mind:  There are people who can barely get out of bed because they are crippled by physical disability, depression or anxiety . The mere fact that you are able to maneuver to your phone or computer to read this post says a lot.

5. Cry

It’s okay, let it out.  It’s a hard time for a lot of us. Crying is so much better than bottling things up inside of you. Crying is a sign of strength because  you’ve made the choice to release all of the tension within you.  If you want to kick it up a notch, grab these pillows to cry on or try a sweatshirt or t-shirt. Join the #StrongCry Campaign by purchasing here. 

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