You’re using Instagram all wrong. Here’s how to get paid to use it.

by winnell

So long are the days of millions of dollars being spent only on television commercials and billboards. I mean they still exist, but the advance of social media has greatly impacted how consumers find out about products. Many companies are now paying influencers on Instagram to promote their products. In the marketing sense, an Influencer is  a person with the ability to influence potential buyers of a product or service by promoting or recommending the items on social media. But, from a  broader perspective, an influencer is somebody who has particular knowledge or expertise on a certain topic such as health, sports, makeup, etc. and builds a social media profile around that concept.

There are many reasons to become an influencer in this day and age. Personally for me, I get to blog my journey through medical school and it has been quite therapeutic for me. I also get to interact with thousands of aspiring doctors, many who are underrepresented in medicine and help them get into medical school. So even being the micro influencer that I am, I am making a tremendous impact on many lives with every post I publish.

There are so many reasons to become an Instagram Influencer.

Here’s 5 :

  1. Inspire thousands of people 
  2. Share your story using a creative outlet 
  3. Network with like minded people and sharing ideas from all over the world 
  4. Get paid to post on Instagram (Find out here how you can start). 
  5. Get free products from companies that you already use 

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