I’m Back ! – Step 1 / Level 1 Exam Complete.

by winnell

This is where I’ve been the past 8 weeks studying for a cumulative 17-hour examination! I decided to study at my parent’s home in Rhode Island so that my study breaks would include chatting with family, eating home-cooked meals and having a nonjudgemental shoulder to lean on when my emotions ran wild. ⁣

The dedicated study period tried and tested my spirits like no other. From extreme anxiety, extreme self doubt, and burn out. I’m so sorry to ⁣go completely ghost for 2 months, but I’m back again for the long haul!

⁣I’m officially done with the first part of the 3-part series medical licensing exams!

Thank you all for your well wishes, prayers, and support. I really truly appreciate everyone rooting for me, especially times when I could barely root for myself. I’m so excited to get back to sharing my journey, the good bad and the ugly. For now, I’ll be starting clinical rotations at hospitals in New Jersey. I’m starting my first two months in the specialty of Family Medicine. Make sure to keep up with me on my Instagram account @madamewinnell for the latest updates!

I’m even more excited to continue writing more blogs to help you reach your school and career goals.

So, the real question is, did ya miss me ? Haha 🙂

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