Buy these gifts for Nursing and Medical Students and they’ll love you forever

In a few months, so many lives will change and this definitely calls for the spirit of gift giving!

It’s that time of the year again! Nice weather, graduation and acceptance letters! Not to mention, my white coat ceremony is coming up in two weeks. The White Coat Ceremony symbolizes the transition from pre-clinical education to clinical rotations on the hospital wards. In other words, we get our real white coats to start seeing REAL patients! How Exciting! Anyway, I have provided a list of the BEST gifts that any healthcare student would absolutely love. I have conveniently linked the websites to start shopping today.

Good Luck in your nursing or medical journey!

This post contains affiliate links. If you buy something through one of these links, you won’t pay a penny more, but I’ll get a small commission which helps me keep this blog going.


Abe Books 

One thing healthcare students will definitely need is textbooks. You can find gently used and new books here.



Audiobooks are trending currently, and many of the auditory learners are loving this option for reading. You can find many health and science textbooks here. You can also purchase a gift card so that students can browse the audiobook library for any book of their interest.

Amazon Gift Cards




I mean this goes without saying. You can find almost everything but the kitchen sink on Amazon. Actually, they do sell kitchen sinks! lol With student prime membership you can have your books, food, desktop supplies and whatever else you need to be delivered in 1-2 days.

You have the option of purchasing the electronic gift card that will be emailed to the recipient or the physical gift card like this one pictured

eGift Card

Amazon Gift Card box

Pharmacology Flashcards

Purchase Here

Let’s be honest, pharmacology is a pain in the butt. Memorizing all of those drugs has never been easier!


White Stethoscope

Black  Stethoscope


Wear Figs

Women’s Scrub Top x Top 

Women’s Scrub Pants x Pants 

Men’s Scrub Top x Top

Men’s Scrub Pants

Lab Coats


Women’s Lab Coat

Men’s Lab Coat




The comfiest healthcare shoes ever! Get you a pair here.

Compression Socks




Great for improving blood circulation and oxygenation for those always on their feet all day! Purchase Here.


Badge Lanyard



These reference cards can be added to your name badge as a  cheat sheet on the hospital floors, providing the normal values for labs, weight conversions, and more. These are exactly what a nervous nursing/medical student needs! Purchase Here.

Stylish Eyeglasses

Warby Parker

A recent study found that intelligent people are 30% more likely to have genes related to poor eyesight. There’s some truth that wearing glasses may really mean you’re smarter.  Warby Parker is the most stylish brand of prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses.  The best thing is, they only cost you less than $99! Even if you don’t wear glasses , you can wear them as a fashion statement or get some sunglasses just in time for summer. Grab a Pair Today! 


Mugs for Coffee and Tea






Nursing Mugs

Future Doctor Mugs

Anatomy Mugs

Rx Coffee Mug

Rx Hot Tea Mug


Straight Outta Night Shift Mug

Customized Stethoscope Mug

Relax & Unwind Gifts


Personalized Stemless Wine Glass
Personalized Wine Glass
Monogrammed Robe

Personalized Initial Wine Glass

Visit Here for more signature gifts!




Purchase a Chocolate Gift set from Godiva Here.


Journals for Journaling



Five-Minute Journal

52 Lists Project Journal 


Sleep Better



Try this Weighted Sleep Mask for Less Stress & Better Sleep. Experience immediate relaxation like never before with the mask’s soothing microbeads which promote deep, restful sleep, helps to alleviate headache, stress, insomnia, eye strain, and more. Purchase Here. 

Dream Cloud

This luxury mattress offers many higher-end features, including a cashmere cover, tufted design, and five-zoned compression system made of a patent-pending pocketed coil technology. This hybrid’s quick responsiveness can allow you to change positions with ease and offers pressure relief and support for side and back sleepers, with the firmness necessary for most stomach sleepers. Purchase Here.

Skincare (Because Stress Acne is Real)


Purchase L’Occitane Here 

Natural Skin Care Spa Dr. #ad

Visit Spa Dr. Here 

Travel Gifts

Tours 4 Fun

Tours 4 Fun 

Give the gift of travel to any country in the world. there’s a lot world to be seen so surprise your loved one with a trip abroad today. Book your dream vacation with Tours 4 fun HERE. 

City Pass

City Pass

City Pass grants access to thousands of the greatest tourist attractions in the most famous cities in the world. They will be treated to the most prime locations all over for you to take the most Instaworthy photos, because that’s what really matters.







Female Nursing T-shirts

Male Nursing T-Shirts

Female Medical Student T-shirts

Male Medical Student T-shirts

Pink RN Shirt 

Trust Me I’m a  Future Nurse T-shirt 

Vaccine T-shirt

Representation Matters Merch

Women in Medicine ShirtsPurchase HERE




Black Doctors Matter – Purchase Here



Latinx in Medicine- Purchase Here










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