Do Medical School Rankings Really Matter?

by winnell

Let’s talk about medical school rankings.

What are the best medical schools?

Do they exist?

Does it really matter?

The short answer is no! 

Is there such thing as the best medical school in US?

There are so many medical schools and it seems like a new medical school is popping up every day. With so many choices, it’d be helpful to know on what basis one should use to narrow down their search. 

Well, here are some facts to consider. 

Although Medical school is extremely competitive to get into and through, it is merely a stepping stone. The most important part of the medical school experience is residency. Residency is when a hospital selects a graduating fourth-year medical student to begin formal medical training. This means that all of the work you put into medical school will finally be rewarded with a guaranteed job! This job is mandatory and will allow you to begin practicing medicine in the specialty and hospital of your choice. 

The single most important factor that determines a successful match into a hospital residency is how well you do on your licensing board exams, affectionately titled the USMLE and/or COMLEX. 

Rankings of Medical School

Just like pre-med days, some of us come from Ivy League schools, or top 20 schools but, with the MCAT, we were all reduced to one standardized exam score that mainly determines our fate of getting into medical school.

In order to become a licensed physician, another exam will ultimately determine your fate. And guess what, everybody medical student will take the SAME standardized exam.  At this point, the rank of your medical school holds no bearings and isn’t directly related to how well you will do on your board exams. 

When selecting a medical school to attend, you should select for the school that speaks to you. 

Important preferences you should consider in making your choice are  (in no specific order ) :

Top Medical School Rankings

Of course, Harvard Medical School is the #1 top ranked medical school in the US. If you are rejected, I assure you, it won’t be the end of the world.

So often we are driven by the preset notions of what is “the standard” and we seek to live up to someone else’s’ standard in order to validate ourselves in regards to rankings of medical school.

I say, to heck with what everybody else thinks!

Every school has its pros and cons. Every school is responsible for giving you the foundation, but it is up to you to show up for yourself.  

Every year, millions of people look forward to the Grammys and Oscars to see who will win. Somehow, we’ve been programmed to believe that these awards validate the meaning of ” the best”. Just because someone wins the Grammy for album of the year doesn’t mean that the other nominees or people not nominated didn’t have the best album of the year.

I say that to say this. There are top 10 medical schools in America and according to someone’s ranking, these are the best medical schools in the world.  I don’t go to any of those top 10 medical schools, but that does not mean that I’m not going to be  THE  greatest doctor of all time! 

You should be very confident in yourself and you should always feel that you are the most deserving because you put your best foot forward. Don’t rely on these titles, awards, and rankings to validate your greatness. Remember it starts from within. 

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