30 Vision Board Ideas That’ll Change Your Life

by winnell

Are you in need of vision board ideas  for your next party? Look no further. Many of us have already begun enacting our New Year’s Resolutions. There’s one ongoing resolution that fluctuates with each and every one of us and that is the ability to stay motivated. Please note that of the things that keep me motivated is having faith, friends, and family that support me through good or bad times. These three tenets are necessary for me, but I also have a tangible amenity that gives me daily visual fuel to keep going. This amenity is my Vision Board. A Vision Board is a powerful tool to manifest your desires and wildest dreams. “If your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough”. – Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Africa’s first elected female President of Liberia.

I made my vision board a few years ago at a vision board party that I hosted with three of my friends in my apartment. After a quick Pinterest search for inspiration, we set out to accomplish our dream event. We purchased a poster board, glue, scissors, and dozens of magazines and recycled food boxes. From there, we cut and paste these items to the poster board. If you are short on time or cannot find supplies, you can use the following life hacks. You can always spruce it up with these 15 printables in addition to the other crafts. For additional inspiration, be sure to check out the following tips to structure vision board ideastopics, visualize, In the end, we each described our vision board over dinner and of course, wine.

To this day, my vision board hangs on the wall of my room beside my study desk. I see it every day. The Vision Board concept utilizes the law of attraction into a visual masterpiece of your ambitions. I love the constant reminder of what I’ve accomplished and what I still have yet to do. Without further ado, I will explain each part of my vision board. I have grouped them into incomplete, complete and in – progress.


Family, House – Symbolic of settling down with a family of 4, may 5, including my husband and I. I want the nice house on the hill that I’ve worked so hard to afford. It’s only right.

Handsome Man – This handsome, chocolate man with the perfectly sculpted cheekbones is Shameik Moore, the breakout actor from the movie “Dope”. He symbolizes the “man of my dreams” who will be the lucky guy to take me off the market, for good. What an incredible feat that will be! He doesn’t have to be Mr. Moore, but he should be, loving, educated, good-looking, god fearing and respectful. I don’t ask for much LOL.

The Real – I would LOVE to be a guest on the syndicated talk show ‘The Real’. If you love me, you’ll tag the hosts for me and tell them how much I love their show!

Africa Map – The motherland has been on my mind a lot. My parents left Liberia 30 years ago during the Civil War and haven’t returned since. They lost numerous friends, family, and property as a result of the Liberian civil war. Fortunately, now the country is slowly rebuilding. I want to finally visit my motherland. I hope to visit in next year or so.

Cancer Initiative – I plan to engage in cancer research and/or advocacy because as President Clinton once said, my hope is that “Our children’s children will only know cancer as a constellation of stars”.

Vogue – As an ally for the LGBTQ community, I want to learn how to vogue and attend a vogue ball. My friends swear I was a drag queen in my past life lol. “Don’t be a drag, just be a Queen”- Lady Gaga

J’adore – An ode to my desire to begin learning and speaking French. I have not yet followed up with this. But, in due time! After all, I am Madame Winnell.


3 Year Plan – Back To School – Yes, the wait is over. Five years ago, I decided to make the shift from a career in dentistry to becoming a medical doctor. I subsequently completed a Master’s program in 2016 that helped me gain admission into medical school. I’m currently a second-year student so mission: COMPLETE.

Yoga – Symbolic of my plan to partake in yoga and other wellness activities to relax my mind and nurture my inner peace.

Eiffel Tower – I was able to check this off in 2016 when I visited, my dream city, Paris. That trip was everything I expected and then some. Check out my gallery for some photos and stay tuned for a Travel Tuesday post on my Instagram soon.

Pledge EKG – This is symbolic of the Hippocratic oath sworn by physicians to do no harm. This is my pledge to vitality in my commitment to save lives in the most compassionate, ethical and efficient manner.

Tooth Scaler -This instrument is an homage to my dental hygiene degree and career that led to me to my ultimate career destiny. If it wasn’t for me becoming a dental hygienist, I wouldn’t have realized my passion for medicine. The invaluable patient interaction experience is something I will take with me into my new profession.

Harness the Power of Technology – ‘Madame Winnell’, the blog is a testament to this vision. I saw myself creating an online platform to showcase my journey to the world. Every blog posts bring me joy in sharing a story that people can relate to with intent to provide motivation and encouragement.

Clock the 20s, 30s, 40s – This symbolized the fact that aging will not impose irrational barriers to my progress in life. I will always continue working towards my dreams and engaging in whatever I feel most passionate to do. They say age ain’t nothing but a number so I will not let age hold me back from pursuing whatever my heart desires.

Express Yourself – I read an article about women always being apologetic in emails in regards to prioritizing their needs in the workplace. That article changed the game for me. I resonated with the article so much and realized that I too, was often sorry and apologetic for mundane and insignificant inquiries. I felt powerful once I stopped having a conscience for looking out for myself. I also started to say “NO” more often, and it felt damn good. I’ve always been an empathetic person. No matter how good or bad someone treated me in the past, I would always be there for them and mute their indiscretions for the greater good. As I’ve grown, I realize that cycle is emotionally abusive. The day I decided to express myself fully and tell people how I truly felt, a gigantic burden was lifted.

Trust Your Inner Circle – I’ve had a few friendships that didn’t last, and most for the better. This era of my life is about reaching my full potential and I can only be in the company of people who are truly rooting for my success. I have no time for petty disputes, gossip, envy or resentment. I’m very secure in the friendships I have today and very grateful for their continued support and love, despite my being the comedic, unfiltered friendly troll lol.

Chanel Cocomademosielle – I love everything about the brand Chanel as it provides an unspoken blueprint that exudes confidence, elegance, and class. When I think of Chanel, I think regal, self-identity and a heightened sense of security. Chanel embodies elevated feminine energy that affixes women to a level of independence and demure.

In Progress

Michelle Obama – I mean, do I have to elaborate? She is goals in every way possible.

Multiple High Heeled Shoes – My mind never shuts off and my ideas run rampant in thought. I’m sure I’ll continue to keep my hands full. This symbolizes me wearing and filing different shoes figuratively and literally (I love to shop haha). Currently, I am a medical student, blogger, Youtuber, school outreach coordinator, Diversity Taskforce Creative director, President of the Student National Medical Association, Social Media Ambassador on campus, and Secretary for the Rainbow Health Coalition and Pre-Med Mentor. Once I become a physician, I’m sure these roles will continue in their respective capacities.

Keys – The keys represent being a mentor to aspiring physicians and anyone in need of school or career guidance. Mentorship is a duly pleasure to equip people with the keys to success based on my own experiences and expertise. Please make sure to download my free career mentor guide here.

Healthy & Dance – This is the typical new year’s resolution that most people begin once the year starts and gradually withdraw their obligation from. I want physical activity to be as natural to my daily regimen as showering and brushing my teeth. I want to fight my emotional eating of brownies and ice cream and take advantage of healthier snacks when things get rough. I love my homemade green smoothies at least and they provide me much-needed vitamins and fiber, but I could be better with my dessert addiction lol. Perhaps, I’ll go vegan again (or at least become a “Chickiterian” LOL and of course dancing until my heart is full.

Global – Traveling is good for the soul. As far as International traveling goes, I’ve traveled to London, Paris, and the Caribbean Islands. There’s so much more of the world for me to explore and I will do so in due time.

Stock – Know your worth, charge enough to make a profit and then add some tax. Investing in myself has reaped me the greater return on all of my investments. My business acumen is growing rich and I foresee myself as a major entrepreneur. As Jay-Z said, “I’m not a businessman, I’m the business, man”.

Eyeball Art – This goes along with the saying, “sleeping with one eye open”. This saying is symbolic of being wary of your surroundings in how you treat people and how they treat you. It means I am keen on body language, mixed messages, and red flags. These were things I previously, mostly purposely, ignored in order to appease my mind. This stops now, but I admit it is still a work in progress.

Sazón Goya – Who doesn’t love Goya products? Anyway, this was an ode to my commitment to begin actively learning Spanish. Last year, I started independently learning Spanish online with a Spanish coach and self-study course. The Accelerated Spanish program is a 6-month course in which you complete weekly grammar lessons and videos. After this, you speak with a native Spanish-speaking coach on Skype for 1 hour a day about 3-4 times a week, speaking only in Spanish. This course greatly improved my efforts, but my own embarrassment avergüenza to actually engage in Spanish conversions in my community has held me back from speaking, in addition to my busy student life. I claim it that I will be 70% fluent before I graduate medical school. I assure you, my listening skills are much better than my speaking skills at the moment. I often watch La Familiar Peluche on Netflix, a Mexican TV sitcom. I can read and write well enough so I use Spanish subtitles while I watch Try doing this for even 20 minutes a day and you’ll see your progress tremendously increase.

Mountain Cliffs- Symbolism of no matter how many hurdles I have to overcome, I will prevail, no matter how insurmountable or impossible it may seem.

The Cross– An ode to becoming more spiritual. I have a personal connection with God in which my every move is directed in his guidance and all the blessings in my life I owe entirely to him. Many times I feel mentally empty like I am missing another part of my spiritual journey. It has been a few years since I was an active churchgoer. I don’t believe that you have to go to church to be a devout Christian but the sanctuary does keep you grounded. If I can find my way to brunch on certain Sundays, I can find my way to church.

The Flowers – Flowers symbolize giving people their “flowers” while they can still smell it (aka while they’re alive). Often times, we don’t express how grateful we are to the people in our lives that have helped keep us grounded. I want to be more forthcoming with that concept. Don’t wait until it is too late. In another sense, the flowers symbolize smelling the flowers as they are. This means, taking in every sensory stimulus in life that awakens the spirit and revitalizes our souls.

Coily Hair, Dear America, Dramatic  – This is an ode to me being a Naturalista who is determined to send shock waves through America. Although we are in trying political and social times, America hasn’t always been good to people who look like me, but of course, it has afforded me the life I live. Sometimes I may feel defeated but I am destined to make a lasting impact. *cues Frank Ocean * “Sweet baby Jesus, we made it in America”

Updates: Since taking this photo of my Vision Board, I have updated it with some new things.

  • Ideal Score for the Step 1 USMLE + Level 1 COMLEX Exam
  • Medical Articles + Research Publication in particular journals
  • Specific Prospects for My Social Media Accounts

I hope to mark those as complete and accomplished within the next year or so.

For continued inspiration for yourself, I strongly suggest creating a Vision Board for yourself.  Please see these links below for blog posts explaining more how-to info on creating the ultimate Vision Board.

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