Kaiser Permanente Hospital has forever changed my perspective on healthcare delivery

by winnell

I had the opportunity to meet and engage with about 30 other medical students from across the country who shared similar interests and passion for culturally sensitive and technologically advanced medicine. All of the students were carefully selected out of a pool of over 100 other medical students across the country and I couldn’t have imagined going through this journey with a better bunch of people. We were dispersed into different parts of the northern bay area in California so each of our experiences were pretty different as some people were placed in more of an academic setting with medical residents, some were placed in more rural settings and then some people were placed in more affluent and urban settings with a vast majority of specialties.
Each of us was granted the opportunity to gain intense hands-on clinical experience before reaching our third-year hospital rotations. We had a one in a lifetime chance to be a resident for a day or days, present patient cases to attendings, intubate, participate in surgery and become a part of the Kaiser Permanente model.
Kaiser Permanente has definitely changed the way I look at healthcare delivery and sustainability. The amount of innovative research and qualitative and quantitative data that goes into improving their health system should be a blueprint. I have been able to network with so many physicians who have left their doors open for me to help me along my medical journey and I’m forever grateful for that.
Kaiser’s model is heavily integrated and I loved how patient treatment was so seamlessly streamlined. All of their referrals and consulting specialists were in-house so if a patient needed to see a specialist, their primary care doctor would simply send a message over the server or hit a button on the company iPhone and they’ll be able to get the same day appointment, and consults in the same building.
Because Kaiser has its own health insurance many patients don’t have to worry about insurance dictating the quality of their treatment which allows doctors to focus on care without the worry of overhead and billing greed.
Kaiser is very cognizant of their patient demographics and for that, they have modules that cater to patients whether it’s Chinese, Spanish, Vietnamese, Tagalog etc. They hire professionals who are committed to their mission and people who represent the same cultures and ethnicities as the patients they treat because that makes a world of a difference. It was such great pleasure to experience the Kaiser model for those four weeks but those memories will last a lifetime! I’ve been an east coast girl for all my life, but who knows where this medical career might take me! Special Thanks to Dr. Gregory-Burns & Dr. Guerra for orchestrating this life-changing internship ! 😊🤔🤗.

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