Have you identified your RED or GREEN state?

by winnell

During my orientation for Kaiser Permanente hospital, we completed a workshop to train us to see two sides of a spectrum when placed in any situation.
These sides are called red and green. Red is the poor emotional state and physiological changes you feel when you are you’re in a situation where you feel at your worst. These are situations that are anxiety producing, negative thought-provoking, and times when you feel like your performance will not be at its best.
The green state is when you feel confident, open-minded and high spirited to seize the day.
This workshop enlightened me on how I can tailor my mindset when approaching difficult situations to transform my red state of thinking into a green state of thinking.
I remember in my master’s program when I used to dread taking exams because every exam caused an extreme amount of anxiety because I knew every grade counted towards my overall GPA but eventually I developed a study habit that made me more confident with every exam and I learned to love exam day. Exam day had become the day I looked most forward to believe it or not.
In this long and difficult journey in medicine or any career path rather, it is important to identify your red and green state and be mindful of how each of them contributes to your overall well being and the ultimate task at hand. Who knew a life lesson could be summarized by means of traffic lights? 🚦 The good news is that awareness will allow you to step on the breaks ahead of time to prevent or at least reduce accidents of the mind. We are living, learning and growing. Please enjoy the process. 🚦

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