One Month Medical Internship: Kaiser San Francisco

by winnell

It’s official! I’ll be stationed in the San Francisco Bay Area for the month of June at Kaiser Permanente. 

I’ll be exposed to various medical specialties and physician mentors along the way to help me gain more clinical experience before I hit the wards in a few years! The added benefit is that I am getting paid to do this!
I am super excited to get full hands-on experience and start taking patient histories, scrubbing in for surgery, assessing and critically thinking and applying all of the basic sciences I learned throughout the first year! I was specifically drawn to Kaiser Permanente due to their mission statement and their commitment to evidence-based and culturally competent care that is matched to their technologically advanced patient treatment offerings.
They have numerous hospitals in California as well as other states which means I could potentially end up at one of them for residency and or as an attending physician. In my short term here, I see that there are so many opportunities for physicians outside of typical bedside care which include corporate management and leadership roles. I am excited to share my journey with you guys this month so stay tuned!

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