First Year Medical Courses Complete

by winnell

I studied. I crammed. I slept. I wept. I brunched. I celebrated. I Beychella’d/Beyonce’d.
I completed. How long is medical school you ask? Four years. Currently, I am officially 1/4 doctor! I ended my first year of medical school by taking my 33rd exam of the semester! Medical School curriculum is very dense and my school makes sure to test us enough so that we are used to seeing dozens of questions. This may seem like a lot of exam-taking because it is. This will hopefully prepare us for our board exams in the future.

This past year has been full of tweaking my study habits to cater to my academic needs and most importantly, my sanity. I couldn’t have done it without friends and family near and far who have supported and cheered me on to keep going. My summer will be filled with lots of enrichment and leisure activity because as I’ve heard, each year builds more unique challenges and I’m ready to face them head-on.

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